Pricing for Profit Webinar

Yesterday I hosted a webinar on behalf of the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science that I had conceptualised, sought quotes for, and then, with the help of Departmental staff, promoted and organised. The session aimed to educate SMEs about pricing strategy, which is something I had noticed as somewhat of a generalised weak point in the various Business Evaluation engagements I had completed recently.

I was very pleased with the way it all turned out. We wrapped it up at 58 minutes and 57 seconds, after promising a one hour event, which I think is a great effort. Most of the credit goes to our key presenter, Andrew Cooke of Blue Sky GPS. Andrew did a fantastic job presenting – he knew his stuff and delivered it well.

As host of the webinar, I had to welcome our audience, introduce and frame the topic, manage and voice audience questions into the webinar that were coming through the feedback interface, and ultimately deliver the final wrap-up. Im no natural at this sort of thing, but I think I did well enough after a slightly apprehensive start. It is a strange thing sitting under studio lighting and talking into a camera having no idea how many people are watching around the country.

Much credit must go to the organisation that produced the webinar. Jared and Ray from Nallawilli Technology were extremely friendly and put us at ease immediately. Behind the scenes they made sure that everything was functioning well.

If you missed the session live, it is now available to watch on-demand. If you would like to gain some insights into how to price your products and services, I encourage you to watch.

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