Currently in the midst of a blue blood super moon with an eclipse. That could double as a pretty cool sounding drink order. 🍸

I love my kids, but the fact that there is just one more day left of summer school holidays fills me with pure, unadulterated joy.

Personal CRM Software

I’ve been experimenting with CRM software, as much to help manage my personal life and friendship groups as my work. Cloze seems the best option I’ve found so far. Unfortunately, it’s a fairly expensive proposition for something that won’t actively generate me money. HubSpot CRM is free, but the product itself seems pretty average. You get what you pay for, I suppose.

When I start looking around the web for software, I also get a bit disappointed that I chose to go with Fastmail for my email service. While all these CRM services have native integrations for GSuite and O365, poor standards-compliant Fastmail gets left behind. I’ve been able to get IMAP email to work, but not contacts and calendars.

Australia Day evening with family. 🇦🇺

🇦🇺 Happy Australia Day. 🇦🇺