I recently bought a 3-pack of Google Wifi devices to upgrade improve my failing home WiFi. After installing and using for a while, I have some thoughts.


  1. @canion have you tried rebooting both the google wifi (the one acting as router) and the dlink twice (and lettting them boot completely) after they were hooked up to each other? The other suggestion was to factory reset the dlink and set it up in bridge mode from scratch.

  2. @oyam I have tried the latter with no success. With the former, I thought I had done that but perhaps it’s worth another try. Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. @oyam Good news about my Google Wifi. I went back and tried bridging my D-Link once more and this time it worked. So now no more double NAT with Google Wifi acting as the sole router. Thanks for the tip and encouragement to have another try.

  4. @canion awesome, glad it worked out!

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