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My next software experiment is Agenda. Might it find a place somewhere between DevonThink, Bear, OmniFocus and BusyCal – or will it wither on the vine?

  1. @canion I really like the thinking behind Agenda. I tried it for a week or so but realized it was, like every other app I’ve tried, mostly just a limited immitation of Org-mode. Otherwise, it seems clever and I love the idea of a note-based timeline with hooks into the calendar.

  2. @canion I have switched some basic notes into Agenda and am also using it for some more detailed project planning and adding agenda:// links into Things items – works well for me so for but obv v personal choice etc!

  3. @gb It’s an embarrassment of riches. Of these number of brilliant apps, which should I use? 😲

  4. @canion Absolutely; I’m trying to stick with my choices for at least a month or so to really let them bed in. Things has taken over from Todoist, Agenda from Notes, Fantastical from Readdle’s Calendar. I’m on the fence about Bear, it’s beautiful but Agenda suits my mind best! :O

  5. @canion I’ve installed Agenda, and I can really see the utility of the app. However having switched from digital notes to a Leuchtturm 1917 notebook nothing’s as quick as handwritten notes.

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