1. @canion Great. Glad you liked it, hope you found it useful. It has helped me a lot recently to discover a lot more profile I just wouldn’t have found otherwise.

  2. @canion @amit YES, and even the Old Guy was able to get it working! I am now using two app tokens I’ve generated here: one for this and the other for Dialog.

  3. @Ron Thank you, Ron! Couldn’t be more happy knowing others find the service useful too. Wonderful, coming from you. πŸ™‚

  4. @donblanco Not yet. I have many working versions in dev, just can’t get that one which I find useful. I think I may have to sort it out soon though, hopefully this week.

  5. @klandwehr Thank you for the callout for the app in the post. Just wanted to clarify, the app is (or rather I call it 😁) Micro.threads. Heroku is just where it is deployed.

  6. @amit still to think more – but each time I have to go there – i have to sign on – which i can do – but both keychain and 1Password don’t pick it up as a user name password to store ….

  7. @JohnPhilpin That shouldn’t happen till the current session is valid (for few hours i.e.). I just pushed an update to include author details, which might have logged you out. Let me know if you still face this issue.

  8. @JohnPhilpin You should not face this issue of logging in everytime anymore. Hope it simplifies using the app a bit more. However, let me know if you still do.

  9. @amit I’m the Canary among the Apple Nerds, not being one myself. If a tool is not simple enough for me to get working, it might not be simple enough for most new users in the future. But if you make a tool that even I can use, well then, you’ve got sumpin’.

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