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Ask Is there an effective way to find sites running on infrastructure?

  1. @amit oh interesting – now I am reading your post and following along … looks like my theme already had the tag view – which is why I pretty much had to do nothing – whereas @herself is starting from scratch.

  2. @herself well now – I couldn’t resist – so I took your code and painstakingly re-typed it and voila … next step to put some structure and content around it, little bit of CSS work oh – and make my links actually work!

    filed in ‘reasons I have friends that don’t believe I should be allowed access to a computer’


  3. @JohnPhilpin huzzah! Looks good! Though after looking at @amit’s tags page I’m curious to know if I could somehow generate the links in a grouping (no new line for each link) like that. But I think I’ll quit while I’m ahead…for now 😛

  4. @herself May be because we are so used to the tag clouds on our blogs. I remember the days when tag clouds were default in every side bar.

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