@twelvety Regarding your Plex server on Raspberry Pi, does yours connect to a NAS for the media? I’ve got a 3B+, but all my media is on an old QNAP NAS. I can’t figure out how to connect the Pi to the media drive over the network, so I have to keep Plex running on my MacBook.

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  1. @canion My 3B+ RPi/Plex server is just connected through USB to a Western Digital Blue 2TB drive in an EAXER Aluminum USB 3.0 case. I don’t have a NAS, but it’d be nice to turn my other older RPi into a light-duty one. As it stands, the Plex hard drive is still formatted with HFS+, and I can’t reliably write to it when it’s mounted on the network in the Finder. I think I’m still using Samba with it, and I get “Read-only file system” whenever I try to drag a file into it from my MacBook on the network. I need to unmount it long enough to directly connect to the MacBook and make sure the permissions are OK. That problem cropped up every time we lost power, so the UPS I got recently should help keep it from happening again.

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