It was an interesting thing to be doing some research, and then think, “Hmm, I’m sure @twelvety has written on that. Let me check his wiki.” And bang, there it is.


  1. @canion This makes me deeply happy and is the whole point of my wiki! It’s just like how Steve Berlin Johnson envisioned this process working back in 2005:

    The other thing that would be fascinating would be to open up these personal libraries to the external world. That would be a lovely combination of old-fashioned book-based wisdom, advanced semantic search technology, and the personality-driven filters that we’ve come to enjoy in the blogosphere. I can imagine someone sitting down to write an article about complexity theory and the web, and saying, “I bet Johnson’s got some good material on this in his ‘library.'” (You wouldn’t be able to pull down the entire database, just query it, so there wouldn’t be any potential for intellectual property abuse.) I can imagine saying to myself: “I have to write this essay on taxonomies, so I’d better sift through Weinberger’s library, and that chapter about power laws won’t be complete without a visit to Shirky’s database.”

    The only difference for me is that I love people being able to pull down the entire database of my stuff. It was all free where I got it anyway!

  2. @canion Speaking of discovering things in others’ wikis, I haven’t even started watching these yet and I feel a serious rabbit hole coming on. So, thanks for that!

  3. @twelvety That Steven Berlin Johnson piece is a seminal work for so much thinking on note-taking, zettels, etc. It was exciting for me to also be able to leverage your notes. Thank you. The thing is, now [I’m hoping you will start to write on other topics of my interest](…

  4. @twelvety Haha, you’re welcome! Part of me just enjoys watching these for Beck’s accent – is it mid-western? I find it very calming.

  5. @canion Ha – thanks! Oh yes, more is coming. Probably too much for people to want to process, but more, yes.

  6. @canion I just love her! I thought I heard a little bit of North Carolina twang to her voice, and I looked up her CV and she did at least study and work in NC for a few years. Don’t know if she was born there, but yeah, I could get almost as much out of her videos just by listening to them without watching. What a find!

  7. @twelvety She definitely seems like the type who should be on 😊

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