@twelvety Can you convince me that I don’t need to start investigating Tinderbox?


  1. @canion Hmm! Well, it already seems like ancient history that I bought Tinderbox, and I may have pulled the trigger just a tad too soon, but I don’t regret the purchase at all. I will sheepishly admit that in classic fashion, I bought the app, dove in, and two days later became even more interested in Emacs and Org-Mode and that has taken over for now. Once I get through the Mastering Emacs book, I’ll probably pick up where I left off with TBX. The files that @jack shared recently were super helpful to getting me oriented. The outline mode suits my brain a little better than the map mode, and I think I’ll end up using it (or a private TW instance) for detailed, expansive book notes. I may even play with exporting tagged Org-Journal or Org-Mode/datetree entries back into TBX to generate graphs about food, drink, reading, etc. But that’s a ways off. So, that may not have helped you! I will say that your interest in TBX doesn’t seem to have waned in the past couple of weeks, so if your trial has run out, it may be time for you to make the plunge, but be aware that it’s back up to $249 USD now, and it was on sale for “only” $196 when I bought it.

  2. @twelvety @canion It’s interesting that I was going to suggest that the biggest differentiating feature of Tinderbox from Org and TiddlyWiki is Map mode. It’s great for laying notes out visually and showing relationships. Otherwise, I’m finding TiddlyWiki to be a pretty compelling replacement for Tinderbox, as it has a similar philosophy.

  3. @canion Yep, @jack is right about the power of Map mode in Tinderbox. Once I get some book notes in it, I will play with arranging them into some kind of logical order. And the keyboard shortcuts for diving in and out of notes and clusters of notes made that mode more understandable and faster for me than it had been. Before learning those, I thought Tinderbox was too “messy”.

  4. @twelvety @canion The other killer view from Tinderbox is “Timeline”. I used to keep book notes and dates in Tinderbox. A timeline like this was always one click away. I found it interesting.

  5. @jack I use both Map and Timeline “modes” with TiddlyWiki. TiddlyMap plugin gives me the visualisation of links though I suspect it’s relatively primitive to what Tinderbox can do (I almost don’t know Tinderbox). And vis.js Timeline plugin creates the timelines, I use one for all notes and one for a specific project defined by tags.

  6. @kalmir I tried TiddlyMap but ran into some errors before giving up. I’ll try again at some point. I don’t expect it to replace Tinderbox’s Map view, but it looks really nice as a visualization tool. I will check out the Timeline plugin, thanks!

  7. @jack I think TiddlyMap is great. Sometimes I configure a map (“view”) based on what I’m researching at the moment but mostly I use the “live view”. It creates a map with the currently selected tiddler as its central nod. Then I can click through on my way to other, deeper buried tiddlers. As TiddlyMap is one of the tabs in the sidebar, it’s quite convenient to use it.

  8. @jack @twelvety That timeline view is pretty cool.

  9. @canion @jack Agreed – that timeline is wonderful! It maps to how I think of things going back through the years.

  10. @kalmir @jack @twelvety Hi kalmir. Do you publish your wiki online, or is it private?

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