Further to my question about app options for taking quick jots, I’ve compiled a summary of findings to date. Thanks to @cm @kaa @teisam @twelvety. I’m almost surprised I didn’t end up discovering Evernote (c.f Cortex podcast)


  1. @canion thanks for the list. I was thinking about this. I think what I really want is a plugin or modification of Spotlight as I use that so much to get around the Mac. Envoke Spotlight, type the quicknote, then a hotkey to save out a plain text file to a spot I can specify in a pref/config file. I’ve never done any Mac dev before and I have no time to do so but I’m not going to let that stop me from looking into it 😉

  2. @cm I’ve just been exploring such a thing, not with Spotlight, but with my chosen replacement, LaunchBar. I am guessing the same could be achieved with Alfred or Quicksilver.

  3. @canion I have made a hotkey for such a purpose for every writing app I have used. Currently I use Notebooks. I use Keyboard Maestro to make hotkeys for all kinds of stuff. Recently I turned my caps lock key into a master hotkey combo shift-control-option-command with Karabiner.

  4. @canion For example, capslock-J opens a new text file in Notebooks and gives it the headers I used for my daily journal.

  5. @rmcrob Thanks for the recommendation, I’ve just taken your advice and installed Karabiner. I think I’m only going to use it to create that ‘hyper’ key, but it’s worth it because I never use Caps Lock.

  6. @canion That is the only thing I use it for. Surely there is another way to do that job, but it’s easy with Karabiner.

  7. @canion I use caps lock all too often, and always by accident.

  8. @jeremycherfas Me too. That’s why it’s the perfect candidate for a mash key.

  9. @rmcrob So, pressing it once accidentally wouldn’t make it do whatever you had programmed it to do, because that is only in conjunction with some other key?

  10. @canion I’m with @kaa and use The Archive for this and other stuff behind. I created an Automator action that opens a little text box and appends whatever I put into it into a specific Diary file, and I also create one-off quick notes, but they need to be processed frequently or they become meaningless.

  11. @jeremycherfas Only if you pressed it in combo with some other key you have set up as a hotkey.

  12. @jeremycherfas Right. (Sorry I didn’t read your full message earlier.) I have it set up so that it is exactly like pressing control-option-command-shift, but without the gymnastics.

  13. @canion that’s all i use it for as well… to turn my caps lock key into a powerhouse. feels weird to run an app just for that but I use BTT for everything else.

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