If you wanted to keep generalised daily work notes, would you choose OmniOutliner, Day One, or something else entirely? #askmicroblog


  1. @canion I’m looking at Supernotecard at the moment. Also just looking at setting up a blog and adapting it to that use.

  2. @canion I’m currently using a mixture of TheBrain and Dynalist Pro for general work notes, I definitely recommend giving the free version of Dynalist a shot.

  3. @canion A daily text file with some markdown. As a bonus, you can choose your own text editor!

  4. @joshsullivan I really enjoy The Brain, but I didn’t particularly like using it as a daily journal. I think I spent too much time fiddling with connections!

  5. @canion I use Drafts with an action to save the note to a text file in a folder shared via Dropbox. Then I have various apps like NValt, The Archive, and 1Writer pointed to that directory to allow searching. Honestly, though, I don’t find that I search my notes very often. I also have no need for scanning or any other kind of images in my notes, so the plain-text format does the trick for me. YMMV.

  6. @canion work notes? People swear by OneNote for that.

  7. @canion I personally have a separate folder in Apple Notes in which I take meeting minutes using my iPad. It’s pretty straightforward for most writing.

  8. @canion Ahh, I had that issue for a little while. Then I decided Daily Log/Daily Work Notes shouldn’t be connected to anything other than the day so I haven’t had an issue since. But I am definitely in the camp of connections everywhere else.

  9. @canion markdown or org mode text file in Dropbox. One per year. Easily greppable and will travel with you for as long as plain text works.

  10. @petebrown That’s a very sensible approach. Thanks for suggesting that.

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