I previously bought Postbox v3 and have been offered a discount to upgrade. They’re now on version 6 and offering a ‘lifetime license’ upgrade. Any users of Postbox out there? Any recent feedback on the software?


  1. @canion Big fan of Postbox since v1, I have a lifetime license & think their pricing is way too low. Closest I’ve found to Eudora.

    That said: v6 removes some features v5 had that I liked, and it’s now 1-file-per-email like Apple Mail. Thunderbird does much of what Postbox does.

  2. @syneryder Thanks. It was the Thunderbird roots that put me off v3. I guess one file per email is more flexible for an interoperability point of view?

  3. @syneryder @canion I was just wondering about Postbox and mscott the other day—glad to hear they’re still soldiering on in the face of everything 🙂

  4. @canion I had a license for v1 but in the end I stopped using it. It didn’t feel quite right on my Mac, don’t know how it feel like on windows.

  5. @canion One file per email is good for cloud backup, don’t have to keep reuploading your whole archive just because you archived one more email. But now you can have hundreds of thousands of files on your drive, and file systems don’t always like that…

  6. @canion I got the same upgrade email and took it. Used Postbox a few years ago but drifted away for some reason. Not sure why, as it’s rather nice. Good combination of pleasant and powerful. Plus, it’s perfect timing for my new Windows adventure.

  7. @jack Definitely good for Windows. The default email client is not great.

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