On iOS, iA Writer may look better, Ulysses may seem better, but 1Writer actually is better!


  1. @rmcrob @canion At the moment I try a lot of text editors (again), I tested 1Writer a while ago. As a serious question: could you tell me why it is better than iA Writer? I know that apps have non-obvious features. And what kind of texts are you writing with 1Writer?

  2. @kulturnation @rmcrob Seamless Dropbox integration; nice Markdown preview with colour coding; recognition of hashtags that are tappable for search invocation; scripting engine. I link it to my zettelkasten notes and use it with my Blot powered blog.

  3. @canion Seamless dropbox integration is the feature to get be interested. Wish it was cross-platform though. I find iA Writer as the better option on desktop.

  4. @JohnPhilpin @canion Looks like @blot might be down right now, can’t reach my site or any other Blot.im sites. Hopefully up soon though.

  5. @joshsullivan @johnphilpin my article must have fireballed @blot 🤣

  6. @canion @joshsullivan @johnphilpin Don’t think @blot‘s down, I am able to access the sites. I had to add www to the shared link.

  7. @joshsullivan @johnphilpin There was a weird networking gremlin which prevented requests getting to Blot’s server for five minutes (2019-03-25 15:35 UTC -> 2019-03-25 15:40 UTC). Have precisely no idea what caused this but I’m investigating. Everything seems to be running smoothly now.

    That link to @canion ‘s site was always broken, unfortunately. It’s configured on the ‘www’ subdomain and there isn’t a redirect from your apex domain (which is just canion.me). If you point your apex domain to Blot, Blot will do this automatically for you, or you can set something up with your DNS provider. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

  8. @amit There was a brief and completely unrelated outage. For a few minutes, requests weren’t making their way through AWS’ network to Blot’s server, which is strange. I’ve not encountered this before. Packets seems to be flowing normally again, though.

  9. @canion Thank you, Andrew. I use iA Writer for 2 weeks now on iOS, Mac and my (new) Android phone with Dropbox, it works fine. But as I can use the Dropbox file for a lot of text editors I will test 1Writer (I bought the app a while ago when Federico Viticci recommended it).

  10. @canion And that sounds interesting: „With the in-app web browser, you can research and look up information directly in 1Writer without having to switch apps. It can convert text selection to Markdown syntax and put it on the clipboard in a single action.“ @rmcrob

  11. @Blot Ah, I had received the notification about the blog being down. I missed them. Thank you for the update 👍

  12. @Blot hah – coincidence – my problem was the www issue that you highlighted for @canion

  13. @kulturnation I tried so hard to go with iA Writer. It is beautiful. But it’s workflow just didn’t work for me.

  14. @Blot @joshsullivan @johnphilpin DNS configuration drives me mad. I will take a look at this, but I may have to ask for help! Thanks for identifying the problem.

  15. @canion That is why I am less keen on testing new apps: my way to work is kind of a second nature. I looked at Ulysses and new the very first moment that it is not an app for me 🙂

  16. @JohnPhilpin With great thanks to @Blot support I think I have fixed this problem now.

  17. @canion our ‘ man @blot ‘ is very very good

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