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After using Fiery Feeds for some time, I’m doing an audit and testing other RSS apps again. Fiery Feeds seemed to be using a lot of battery. So far, Unread is winning.

  1. @BestofTimes @canion I’ve relied on Reeder for so long now, both on iOS & OSX. It has been mainly a case of of it isn’t broken, don’t fix it, for me – it works for me and I like its design. But I wonder if there are some apps out there that I am missing?

  2. @canion FF is awesome, specially since I’ve started using TT-RSS lately. Unread is definitely charming too. Reeder is still the best in my eyes. I wish FF would dump that strange layout on the iPad where an article popups up when you click on it. What’s your backend again?

  3. @nitinkhanna I use Inoreader. The problem I noticed with Fiery Feeds was that it seemed very heavy on my battery. It’s endlessly customisable though.

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