I think @martinfeld really knocked it out of the park with this post. Apple and the Craftsmen – Lounge Ruminator


  1. @canion That’s very kind of you! Thanks for linking to my post and I’m glad that you enjoyed it!

  2. @canion Yes this is one of the most informative pieces I have read, thx @martinfeld for highlighting something I had not thought about since the event, with reading the seemingly received wisdom of the technorati, I had assumed that Apple were trying to get on the bandwagon. I am not a very close follower of all things Apple and tend to be more interested in iPad events now as the phone is less and less important to me, but it does seem Apple is changing its story from just being the manufacturer..

  3. @stickmandiaries I really appreciate your comment! It certainly remains to be seen whether each of Apple’s newly announced services will be a success but I do like to consider why the company does things. To me, it almost always comes back to the ideas that were displayed in its Think Different campaign: the company wants to be known as a driver of creativity and also wants to be associated with those who are creative. The celebrity component of that event was really no different to the reel of historical figures from those ads from 20 years ago. As a side note, I understand your love for the iPad because it puts that creative power directly into your hands.

  4. @martinfeld @stickmandiaries I think another thread to Apple’s recent activities is privacy and “you are not the product”. It cut across the recent keynote.

  5. @ronguest @stickmandiaries Excellent point! I referred to the significance of transparency by privacy is a very important thing to note.

  6. @martinfeld Yes creativity is definitely their DNA since their inception. One thing that interests me is how the company will transition when the current wave of “pioneers” make way to the next generation, how that 🧬 is either replicated or diluted. Apple definitely knew how to celebratise their events and I’m sure the current band will bring more to the platform. Let’s see what are hits and what are misses.. 😀 As for the iPad I know it has its limitations but again Apple took a narrative and spun it into a product that captured the imagination for its potential creating a new market for creativity.

  7. @stickmandiaries You make a great point! I’ve also wondered what will happen once certain high-level people like Cook, Schiller and Ive leave Apple. They’re the ones who worked closely with Jobs and share his kind of vision. Of course, they’re educating new people but change is inevitable. Moving on fron that point, I’m very optimistic about the changes that will come to iPad this year. Aside from OS-level improvements, I would love to see improved feature parity for specific apps, such as iMovie for macOS and iOS. Some things are so easy on the former that are downright impossible or missing on the latter.

  8. @martinfeld @stickmandiaries the app that I still can’t believe they don’t have feature parity on is photos. On the mac you have more editing controls, tags and you can name photos. Those last two would be so good on an iPad…oh and being able to write to an SD card. I’m pretty optimistic but at the same time I’m tempering my expectations so that I’ll be happy with whatever comes.

  9. @ChrisJWilson @stickmandiaries Oh I would absolutely love the ability to edit metadata in Photos, yes! I occasionally import photos from the my DSLR’s SD card and then remember that I’ll have to go to the Mac to do the rest.

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