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Tomorrow, the electorate of Swan will determine if my wife, Hannah Beazley, is to be their representative. She would be a wonderful voice for the community in our national parliament.


  1. @Ron Not the national result we wanted with our Conservative party winning. For my wife it is very tight but seems like it might just fall the wrong way.

  2. @canion Okay, fingers crossed that she’ll make it over the hump, but if not, I send her big thanks and congratulations for working so hard to make her country and the world better.

  3. @canion Fear-mongering is a great way to put it. I can’t believe the result, frankly; Australia just re-elected the most dysfunctional bunch. Good on her for giving it a go and sticking it to them.

  4. @canion Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, fear is still winning. Here’s hoping that better sense prevails soon.

  5. @canion Sorry to hear that. A reminder to all of us around the world that one good election result in one country (2018 US House) is not sufficient to break this dark trend worldwide 🙁

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