I was just able to successfully extract over 2000 articles from Instapaper into DevonThink using an AppleScript. Now I can search and leverage my reading history. I’m going to cease using Instapaper now, and consolidate around DevonThink.


  1. @canion Curious: why the change from Instapaper? I’ve always tried to find a better flow for my articles to read later, but seem stuck with Instapaper because of muscle memory, I think.

  2. @vasta I only have the free version of Instapaper so don’t have full-text search. I own DEVONthink which is awesome at finding serendipitous connections between documents. It’s really hard to get articles out of Instapaper so best not to put them in in the first place.

  3. @canion I’ve never looked at DEVONthink before, but might take a look. The inability to get things out of Instapaper easily has always been a frustration of mine.

  4. @canion I’d like to do something similar with Pinboard to DevonThink….

  5. @grayareas @canion @vasta Pinboard Import Script will allow you to import Pinboard items to DEVONthink. I use it weekly, it imports the items as Markdown text and if it can’t get Markdown it downloads it as PDF+Text.

  6. @joshsullivan Wow. Thanks! Pinboarded. 😉

  7. @canion would love to know what your workflow is for saving and reading, using DT. I’ve struggled to adopt it into mine, it still feels like a major detour compared to what I currently do with Pocket, via RSS and the share sheet.

  8. @matpacker it’s still a work in progress. I might try writing something up on my blog.

  9. @canion awesome, I shall read and digest!

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