I like playing music through Apple TV because I can visually choose songs and playlists. For me, this is a key weakness of voice controlled speakers, like HomePod.

I enjoyed my morning gym workout! What am I becoming? I still have Kermit arms though.

Two exercise sessions today – gym and then basketball. Tomorrow morning I’m at the gym again – but it’s at 6:30am. Yikes!

I really like being a Fastmail customer, but it’s frustrating to miss out on third party service integrations that are available for Office 365 and GSuite.

I fell asleep on the couch earlier tonight. Now I can’t fall asleep in bed. I got the process wrong.

5:40pm, it’s 32 degrees, chicken kebabs on the barbie and a beer in hand. Things could be worse. 🇦🇺

WA Labor Gala

A dinner event to celebrate a year of WA Labor being in Government in Western Australia. With Hannah running in the next Federal Election, it was great to be her “plus one”. I even lost my own surname on the seating list. 🤣