@twelvety Regarding your Plex server on Raspberry Pi, does yours connect to a NAS for the media? I’ve got a 3B+, but all my media is on an old QNAP NAS. I can’t figure out how to connect the Pi to the media drive over the network, so I have to keep Plex running on my MacBook.

It has been interesting to experiment with a constructing a personal wiki but I am sure that as a single user I am better served putting this information into DEVONthink. It is less fiddly and better able to bubble-up related information – but I can’t share the information. 🤔

After earlier discussion here on micro.blog I can report that I have paid for and switched to Castro for podcasts. I like its queue, but I don’t think its EQ is quite as good and I miss iPad support and multi-device sync. It looks great and operates well though.

Listening to @jack talk on the Micro Monday podcast about avoiding snow to date, while I sit by the resort pool. 😝

I got a couple of levels into Mario & Rabbids on the switch, before my son decided he needed to play.