Choosing an RSS Sync Service

I’m reviewing my RSS service options to make sure I’m using the right one for me. I was a customer of Feedwrangler for a couple of years, and for the past year or so I’ve used Feedly. Now I’m trialling Inoreader, but I’m not sure I’d actually use the features of their paid account. Feedbin is too expensive for me, due to currency conversion.

I wonder if the community have thoughts on what is the best service?

I’m grandfathered into a Feedly account that supports more than 100 feeds at no charge, but I’m willing to pay if it means I get a better service as a result. Is there anything out there that is genuinely better than a free, unlimited subscriptions Feedly account?


  1. @canion I guess it depends on your needs. I’ve used Feedly, but it misses a few features I need. I’m currently using miniflux, a sef-hosted solution. I like that it has a rudimentary ‘scraping’ option for full-content parsing. I’ve also used TinyTinyRSS in the past.

  2. @canion My preference is Feedbin, but like you I can’t justify the cost. I used to use (paid) Feedly, but couple years ago switched to Inoreader (I can’t remember the reasons, but something about feedly really annoyed me at the time). I can’t say it’s the best, but it works and fulfils my need for web UI. If I didn’t need web UI I’d switch to feedwrangler.

  3. @oyam My concern with FeedWrangler is that it seems either abandoned, or at least in maintenance mode. It hasn’t had a feature added since I signed up when it was released. I don’t want feature bloat, but I want something that might at least show investment.

  4. @canion Good to know – I only discovered it recently. Couple of things to be aware about Inoreader: their web UI reader hides some images and sometimes mangles text (missing punctuation, etc). About half the time I end up clicking through to the actual site to read. I also dislike that the links to original sites are not direct links, but redirected via their site. I might try NewsBlur when my subscription expires.

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