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 +====== About ======
 +===== Manifesto =====
 +This wiki is intended to act as reference point for information that is relevant to me, and able to be shared publicly.
 +Work activity will not be mentioned specifically,​ but tools and resources relevant to it are fair game.
 +There are no limits around content type, but it will tend towards things I’m interested in, records I want to keep, and other miscellaneous stuff.
 +I am still unsure of the place this wiki has now (and will have into the future) with respect to acting as my [[personal_knowledge_management|Personal Knowledge Management]] tool. Software options abound, and it is hard to settle on one.
 +===== Origin Story =====
 +This wiki is here because I read [[people:​jack_baty|Jack Baty’s]] [[https://​​2019/​tiddlywiki-is-changing-how-i-think-about-writing-online/​|blog post about his TiddlyWiki]]. I had used TiddlyWiki years ago to run a GTD framework, but didn't have easy access to installing that on my server. So I've thrown DokuWiki up so I can play around.
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