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 +====== Applescripts ======
 +[[https://​​blog/​2019/​2/​applescript-to-link-to-apple-mail-message|Use Textexpander to create a link back to any email in]]:
 +  Returns a link to the first selected Apple Mail message
 +tell application "​Mail"​
 +  set _msgs to selected messages of message viewer 0
 +  if (_msgs is not equal to missing value) then
 +    set _msg to first item of _msgs
 +    set _msgID to do shell script "/​usr/​bin/​python -c '​import sys, urllib; print urllib.quote(sys.argv[1])'​ " & (message id of _msg)
 +    return "​message://​%3C"​ & (_msgID) & "​%3E"​
 +  end if
 +end tell
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