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Added a namespace with an associated index for cross-wiki correspondence.


  • Dokuwiki Timezone settings are annoying. They have to be changed by editing conf/local.php. Despite following instructions I'm not yet convinced it is working correctly.
  • It's not. It is 4 hours ahead of where 'Australia/Perth' is meant to be.


  • Realised that my index pages for my namespaces were not rendering correctly, due to my syntax error with the nstoc plugin. This has now been corrected. I needed to define the namespace, with a leading colon.


  • Installed the bbcode plugin to allow for embedding of Flickr photos into my wiki. To make it work, I just need to include the URL within [img]...[/img] and remove the link cruft that Flickr includes in its BBCode sharing link.


  • Reverted the theme back to standard DokuWiki, away from bootstrap3.
  • Removed display of the sidebar as it was getting too long. Not sure if I can find some middle ground, showing just recent pages. I will need to investigate. To put the sidebar back, I need to reference the page “sidebar” in the configuration.
  • Broke up my start page to make it an index, without the additional guff.
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