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2019-02-19: A Letter to My Wiki Friends

To my Wiki Friends: Phil, Jack & Josh,

It is fun to be building this DokuWiki site of mine. Surely, I haven't yet figured out exactly what it is, but as they say, the journey is the reward. Currently the site leans heavily towards tech - and I admit this is doing a disservice to the other aspects of my life.

If I continue to maintain my wiki, it might ultimately contain more information about other realms of my life. They include my day job of providing management consulting services. My family life, including that of my wife who is currently running to become a member of Australia's Federal Parliament. This outcome of course depends on the outcome of an election likely to be held in May this year. This looming deadline creates all kinds of excitement, pressure, tension and anticipation, and emotional highs and lows.

I love basketball, and follow the Australian national league passionately. I've supported my home team Perth Wildcats since 1987. I still harbour some disappointment that I didn't fully explore my opportunities to play high-level representative basketball when I was younger. I was 6'4“ and could jump out of the gym. It was not to be, however, with a combination of lack of parental understanding about how to get me onto those pathways, and my decision to instead focus on getting a proper job. A sensible, but much less exciting, option. Sensibility has always been a large feature of my life, I'm afraid.

All that is to say there are other aspects to my life that are not represented by this wiki yet.

A frustration I have about the wiki format is that it doesn't permit commenting and conversation. I know Wikipedia has an entire side-channel dedicated to that; conversations about edits, intention and so forth. But single-user wikis don't work that way. I find myself reading your content each day. Your writing is thought-provoking and interesting. I want to give you credit and thank you for sharing your content. Each day feels a bit like Christmas - how many tiddlers will be left under my wiki tree today?

In all my years on the Internet, from my first days tooling around on Unix terminals at university, then blogging with Movable Type, tweeting, and more recently blogging on my Wordpress site, the interaction I've gained through and these wikis has represented the most 'human-level' online connections I've had. I'm dead curious to know what you chaps are like IRL. If any of you ever come to Australia, my door is open to you. I'll show you the beach. You'll love it.

Keep up the great work and let's keep trying to build this little community we've got going here.

All the best,


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