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I've been a user of Flickr since 2005. At that time it was a revelation: it had social features, a lively community, amazing photo organisational features and great imagery. For a time I paid them the $25 or whatever it was for Pro membership.

Then Yahoo bought them and the spiral of decay occurred. Flickr became a ghost town as Facebook and Instagram ate its lunch. I gave up my Pro status, because Yahoo gave me a terabyte(!) of data without it.

Then Apple got its iCloud photo management sorted out, and I stopped using my dSLR. So I stopped using Flickr.

Now, however, I know that Instagram and Facebook are just data harvesters.

Meanwhile, Flickr has been bought by SmugMug and there seems to be an investment in the platform once again. It still has its amazing photo management, permissions, and the resolution! Oh my, photos look great on Flickr. And with Internet speeds now so fast there is little latency working with the site.

It's time to renew my Pro subscription.

My Flickr Viewing Permissions

Due to the nature of my wife's work, my Flickr gallery is private to the public. If I've listed you as a friend on Flickr, it means I trust you to do the right thing with my photos.

Flickr Sharing Bookmarklets

To quickly get links to be able to share photos on my blog and wiki, these two bookmarklets are helpful:

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