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  • Added the Video Share Plugin to Dokuwiki to enable YouTube embedding, as seen in Spark File.
  • A useful, but somewhat long-winded workflow to move and link information between my various repositories:
    • From a single article captured in DEVONthink, create a series of individual Annotations, using the Annotations Pane script.
    • Highlight the multiple annotation files, and from the context menu, choose to “Create Table of Contents”. Select and copy the resulting content.
    • Create a node in TheBrain that references the source document URL.
    • Paste the table of contents into the notes field of the relevant node in TheBrain.
    • Hey presto, you have multiple individual links back to your annotations in DEVONthink.
 \  /       Partly cloudy
  _ /"".-.     21 °C          
    \_(   ).   ↗ 13 km/h      
    /(___(__)  10 km          
               0.0 mm
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