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     \   /     Sunny
      .-.      28 °C          
   ― (   ) ―   ← 35 km/h      
      `-’      10 km          
     /   \     0.0 mm  
  • I woke up nice and early this morning to get to work with plenty of time to be ready for an event I was hosting. The only problem was that once I got to work, I realised the event is actually tomorrow morning. Oops. I blame yesterday being a Public Holiday for throwing me off.
  • I am trying to figure out an effective Photo Workflow now that I've reintroduced Flickr to my life. So many apps and cloud services are in my orbit, it's a bear trying to figure out how to optimise the flow to maximise viewing potential and ensure backup/redundancy.
  • Amazon Australia is consistently more expensive than buying online from other retailers. I don't understand their Australian strategy.
  • I am playing with the idea of setting myself a “Daily Challenge” to take a photo not featuring my kids, that I can publish online. This would really be me going full circle: my first consistent blog,, was a photoblog running on Movable Type. I had that running about 15-17 years ago, I guess?

Daily Photo Challenge

Park Within the Lines


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