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  • I think I've found a winner in my personal showdown for recording daily journal notes. For the moment, I'm going with OmniOutliner, which has beaten out strong competition from TheBrain and Notebooks. Ultimately, all the apps I tried can capably complete the task, but it was the overall combination of features and usability that has swayed me to OmniOutliner. I would not have picked that to have been the winner, so there you go.
  • I have to give a big thanks to Steve Zeoli who provided me with a text file containing formatted dates for each day of the year. I was able to import this into OmniOutliner and TheBrain to easily test these apps for this purpose.
  • I continue to write my diary in Day One.
  • I wish this wiki had the AI/See Also panel in the way DEVONthink does. This wiki is not large, but I'm already forgetting what I've put into it. It would be great to have a way to surface related links. I'm not holding my breath though - DokuWiki development isn't on the fast track.

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