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  • Another day; another library.
  • To reduce the amount of sync data used by my OmniOutliner Daily Journal that contains file attachments, I'm now archiving past attachments into a matching date structure in DEVONthink, copying the item link, and pasting that link into my OmniOutliner document. The good thing is that those links work on Mac and iOS. If OmniOutliner and OmniPresence managed delta syncing, that would not be necessary. Or, if I wanted to spend about AUD$400, I could buy TheBrain and put my attachments into it.
  • Continuing my library theme, I’ve got 11 days left of a digital download of Steven Kings’s Night Shift, an anthology of his short stories. It’s time to admit, I think the only King story or book I’ve ever read is Stand By Me. Talking about being behind the zeitgeist by about 30 years. I wonder if I’ll get through this book?

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