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  • My idea from yesterday to use iA Writer & Notebooks on iOS to tie back into my Zettelkasten notes linked to Dropbox didn’t work so well. iA Writer seemed not to delete notes from Dropbox even when deleted from the app, and the way that Notebooks purposely spews .plist files didn’t integrate nicely with The Archive on the Mac. So today I’ve relented and bought /another/ Markdown editor for iOS. This time, it’s 1Writer, which by all accounts provides straightforward syncing with Dropbox and a good editing interface.
  • I’m making some nice progress on my Zettelkasten documents. I’m actively reading things, marking them up, then writing up a zettel that summarises the document, and links back to it as a source. Active reading is enjoyable! More to the point, I feel like I may be getting closer to a workflow that I’m happy with.
  • I feel like I now have a true understanding of the zettelkasten approach, and already am finding it enjoyable. What does this mean for this Wiki though, because my zettels are outside of this system.
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