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NameYearRatingReviewWatched Date
How to Train Your Dragon 220143These movies are surprisingly good but the Alpha Dragons were a bit too freaky-looking for my taste.2019-03-10
Planet 5120093I liked the 50s theme but is there a movie made nowadays that doesn’t star Dwayne Johnson?2019-02-09
Bohemian Rhapsody20184Why does ever famous musician seem to have an evil companion who takes advantage of them? c.f. Elvis. Great music!2019-01-23
How to Train Your Dragon20104This movie surprised me with its charm. I expected much less than it delivered. An engaging family movie.2019-01-05
Ralph Breaks the Internet20182Well they failed to get product placement for the first movie, but they sure got it for this one.
This film felt as soulless as the social media sites it was apeing. A real let-down with not nearly enough Fix-it Felix!
Bird Box20183Kept me on edge, although it could have been edited a little tighter. The problem with end of world scenarios, is that even if you win, you are still screwed.2018-12-30
Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas20034A great option for the family. Nice to see some hand drawn animation rather than computer renders.2018-12-07
Ready Player One20182What was with the weird arse slapstick comedic ending scenes? This movie didn’t know what it wanted to be.2018-12-05
The Christmas Shoes20023A simple, slow-moving schmalzy movie.2018-12-02
Won't You Be My Neighbor?20185I watched this on a plane and it’s kind of embarrassing to have tears streaming down your face every 15 minutes.2018-11-09
Uncle Drew20182I kept waiting for the cool basketball scenes, but they never really came. Some nice gags and in-jokes, though. Chris Webber was the highlight, he owned his character.2018-11-09
Baby Driver20172.5I couldn’t shake a feeling of boredom through this movie. Full credit for the cinematography though.2018-10-05
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island20121Great for our kids; but I was distracted by the bad CGI, surprised by the use of what looked like practical effects (was that a remote control helicopter in forced perspective?) and the huge plot holes.

Can somebody explain how if Atlantis rises and falls - how do the buildings recreate themselves each time and how do land-based animals regenerate? Maybe I missed something.
Not even The Rock could save this one.
Mission: Impossible - Fallout20185Ridiculous fun! Suspend belief and go along for the ride. Beautiful locations, great cinematography and an effective Maguffin all contribute to making this the most fun movie I’ve seen in ages. I enjoyed it more than Bond movies, more than Star Wars. I can’t wait to see it again.2018-08-24
Bunks20132A silly movie that my 7 year old loved.2018-08-17
Set It Up20181Oh my goodness. So bad, apart from a couple of small scene stealers. Could have been edited 30 minutes shorter and lost nothing, but it wouldn’t have gained anything either.2018-07-20
Incredibles 220184Much pacier than the first, and more enjoyable as a result. I’m not epileptic, but the strobe even annoyed me. Who the heck thought that was a good idea?2018-07-07
The Good Dinosaur20151The only good thing about this movie was that it enabled my two year old to do some cute mimicking of dinosaur roars.
I would love to know the backstory to the production of this movie, because it should never really have been released. A big black eye for Pixar.
Central Intelligence20161.5I wanted to like it, but I didn’t. The movie just never reached any great heights. When the outtakes are the best bits, you’ve got some issues.2018-05-28
The Shape of Water20173.5The cinematography was beautiful, the props extraordinary. The fish looked great and the lead showed her boobs. I enjoyed the movie up until the last 30 minutes, where it descended into farce. The ending leaves us with a question as to her fate, but I’m not stewing on it.2018-05-11
Lady Bird20174A quietly enjoyable movie that had me remembering my own youth while also sympathising with the challenges of being a parent. I loved that it was set in 2002/03 which eliminates the inclusion of smart phones into the movie plot. The acting was great, with Lady Bird’s Dad being particularly enthralling.2018-05-09
My Scientology Movie20152.5Interesting insight into how weird Scientology is, but it still ultimately fell short of what I hoped the doco might deliver.2018-04-03
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 220173Saved by the cuteness of Baby Groot. The movie never really hit any great heights, but kept me entertained enough not to want to turn it off.2018-04-02
Star Wars: The Last Jedi20172So disappointing. I went in completely spoiler-free but I needn’t have. The movie was ho-hum with plenty of cringe-worthy bits, like Moz in a union fight, the whole casino plot line and Luke milking an animal.2018-01-05
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle20173Not many huge laughs for the grownups but fun for kids. I liked that there were intentionally no guns used.2018-01-03

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