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Note Taking

Discovered from the blog of Phil Nunnally, Nick Blackbourn discusses the value of notetaking.

This quotes stand out:

Your notes can be the greatest asset in your working life. This is no exaggeration. Your notes are the record of your lifetime of learning and thinking.

You are what you pay attention to. Read great books, absorb fascinating ideas, and look to make connections between them. Taking notes is how you do this. (When I say ‘read’, I also mean watch, listen, etc.) Notes are an aid for your mind as you seek to know more, acquire wisdom, and prevent important concepts slipping from your consciousness.

Good note taking has a cumulative effect. The more notes you have, the more ideas you have at hand, which you are able to apply to the challenges you face in your professional (and personal) life.

A well structured note system is a proxy for the sum of your knowledge and wisdom.

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