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Curio can be described as a visual whiteboard. It can display all sorts of different data and link to more complex documents. It features in-built research and task management tools.

The problem I have with using Curio is that I’m not a natural visual thinker, so it doesn’t grok with me so easily.

Example Uses

Stacks for Meeting Notes

For each work project create a “Meetings” idea space. Within that space create a stack for each meeting.

Within this stack can be placed PDFs, Word files, etc., related to the meetings, as well as alllowing for free-text typing of notes.

Furthermore, I could create a visual link to my “Action Items” idea space can be set up as a to-do outline/list.

This can keep meetings organised while keeping all notes in one space. It also provides an easy way to see the progression of meetings/activities over time as each stack details the meetings and progress.

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