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An application for personal_knowledge_management, DEVONthink can store documents of all types and allow users to create and capture new information.


Its headline feature is the AI feature that surfaces related documents.


DEVONthink is great for storing and capturing pre-existing work, but not so great at inspiring and supporting content creation.

Cool Features I Tend to Forget

  • The ability to automatically create a hyperlinked Table of Contents document with a single command, when a range of other documents are selected.


43 Folders & Ticklers

Create a series of tickler files and have those from today’s date bubbled up to the Inbox. I run this via Keyboard Maestro (make sure it’s in the Global Macro Group so it runs irrespective of which app has focus.)

Annotation Pane

The Annotation Pane script described on the DEVONthink forums is quite amazing. It generates a linked annotation document, that can get you back the annotated document, or the source of the document itself.

A useful tip is to manually highlight the text you want to capture/annotation using Cmd-Shift-L.

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