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 +====== Diarly ======
 +Diarly provides a clean interface design around a ‘page per day’ concept of journaling.
 +It uses iCloud for data syncing with native apps on macOS and iOS.
 +It has a great implementation of Markdown, even to the point where pasting over highlighted text with a link on the clipboard will create a Markdown link.
 +Where it falls down is in the niceties. It doesn’t tag entries with geolocation,​ weather, etc. in the way Day One does so well. It does, however, have a multitude of themes.
 +//​Disclosure://​ I was fortunate enough to be provided with coupon codes for the app by Steve Zeoli from [[https://​​|Welcome to Sherwood]].
 +===== External Links =====
 +[[https://​​2019/​03/​02/​diarly-redux/​|Diarly Redux]] at Welcome to Sherwood.
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