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 +====== LauchBar ======
 +My app launcher of choice, for many years.
 +===== Append Text =====
 +The Append Text command allows you to append short text notes to a plain text or RTF file. It can be invoked in two ways, either by selecting the file first and then entering the text, or by selecting the text first and then sending it to the desired file.
 +Selecting the file first
 +First, select a text file in LaunchBar. Then do one of the following:
 +  * Choose File > Append Text from the menu bar
 +  * Choose Append Text from the action menu
 +  * Press the Command-Shift-A keyboard shortcut
 +  * Press Shift-Space
 +Now you can enter the text that you wish to append. To enter multiple lines, you can separate them with a '​\'​ backslash character.
 +Selecting the text first
 +If you’ve already selected some text in LaunchBar (e.g. via Instant Send), you can send it to a text file using the Tab key, and the text will be appended to that file.
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