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MacJournal is a long-standing diary application.

I admire that it is still a native Mac application.


I’ve just downloaded the beta of MacJournal v7 from the developer’s site. I’ve been a user of Day One for years, but that shouldn’t stop me from exploring all my options. Plus, CRIMP.

First Impressions

I took the following quick notes to record my first impressions of using MacJournal:

  • It’s weird not writing in Markdown. I mean, I can write in Markdown, but this app is clearly not optimised for it. Why does WYSIWYG seem archaic and slow?
  • It’s very busy, with all of it’s buttons and status bars and what not. I hadn’t realised how accustomed I have become to lower information density in app design, and how much more pleasant it generally is.
  • I feel like I’m writing in TextEdit, which since this uses the Mac’s standardised RTF text field, is basically what I am doing.
  • It seems like this can post to Wordpress. Does that mean it’s a MarsEdit competitor?

Day One Import

  • MacJournal successfully imported my Day One archive of 966 entries. The images appeared to come in well enough, but the interface doesn’t scale them for appearance, so they simply appear inline in whatever resolution they were shot at.
  • GPS data seems to have been imported and translated well enough.
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