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This software wins the award for “Software I most want to use but get frustrated every time I try”.

I've had OmniOutliner since the day I bought my first Mac. This was back when Apple bundled it with the OS. It was one of the reasons I was excited to get a Mac! Since then, I've bought each subsequent version - for both macOS and iOS - determined that it would become a key part of my workflow.

Each time, I get frustrated by elements of it. Whether it's a lack of export formatting, or the non-support of Markdown, or the weird syncing, or the confusing templating system, or the weird styling system, it just always throws too many roadblocks at my as I try to use it.

Maybe, I should just realise that I don't really like the software, and move on?

Or maybe, I have Software Stockholm Syndrome?

Resolving Inefficient Syncing of Outlines with Attachments

From Ken Case himself:

OmniOutliner 5 has two file formats available, and you can choose which to use by going to the Document inspector and looking for the first setting in the Format and Metadata section.
The default choice is Save as flat file, which makes the file more compact and is easier to share across various cloud services—but has the downside that it has rewrite every attachment whenever OmniOutliner saves your document (which it does automatically). If you’re adding large video attachments to your document, this is going to make it slower and slower to save.
The less portable but more efficient choice is Save as file package, which uses macOS’ document wrappers to more efficiently store each attachment as its own independent file. This works great with local disks, and with cloud services which are specially designed to sync macOS documents such as iCloud Drive and OmniPresence, but isn’t supported well by some other cloud services. But if you’re working with large attachments, it should be much more efficient. (It would be perfectly reasonable to use the file package format most of the time, then to switch to the flat file format if/when you’re ready to share the document with someone else or store it in the cloud.)

Bug Report


Submitted to Omnigroup: When setting up a filter in OmniOutliner, the smart group options are rendered in a view port too small to be useful.

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