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I bought version 3 of Postbox many years ago. I used it for a while, then gave up on it because its Thunderbird roots became too apparent.

Now I’ve been emailed, offering me an upgrade to a ‘lifetime license’ for US$28.

I don’t love, but I’m also not an email power user.

Should I take them up on the offer?

The Workflow Problem

I’ve quickly become addicted to triggering an AppleScript using TextExpander, which creates a link back to the email currently selected in I don’t have the necessary skill (or know if it’s possible) to recreate this for Postbox.

Nice Features

  • Quick Move - file emails just by typing ''v’’ then typing the name of a folder.

Poor Features

  • Postbox is not nice to a laptop battery. It is a top offender in Activity Monitor’s Energy tab.
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