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Sanebox is an email filtering service that helps separate the wheat from the chaff, saving me time and interruptions. It allows me to better batch manage email.

You don't check your home's mailbox every 10 minutes - why should email interrupt you so often? I use Sanebox on my work and home accounts to improve the signal to noise ratio of my email.


SaneNoReplies is an email folder that contains emails you sent over the last 4 weeks that haven't been replied to. It's turned on by default, so you should be able to find it in your folders list. Just go through SaneNoReplies and see if any threads need to be followed up on.


To supercharge your follow-up skills use SaneReminders. Just send the email as you normally would, but CC or BCC (or or etc) and if you don't get a reply by that time, we'll send you a reminder to follow up. Once you try it, you won't be able to live without it.

One of my favourite features is SaneReminders. This feature alone can be a game changer for you. When I send an email to someone that requires a follow-up, I just blind copy to “”. If in the following week my recipient doesn't reply, SaneBox sends me a reminder so I can follow up. This whole workflow is the most seamless way to keep up with email responses and I use this feature multiple times a day. This is all very powerful and just one more feature you get with a SaneBox account.

If you forget to use SaneReminders when sending your email, just go to your Sent folder, and forward the original message to a SaneReminder address (, etc.) If you don't hear back from the original recipient by then, we'll remind you to follow up!

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