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The Archive

Today, 18 March 2019, I’ve bought a copy of The Archive. It was 50% off to celebrate it’s 1st birthday, so it was irresistible.

It offers the thing that was most frustrating about all my other note-taking apps, which is a quick-entry window that works with a system-wide shortcut. I’ve mapped my to Hyperkey-A.

I’m saving my Notes in iCloud Drive so that I can use iA Writer to access the notes on iOS.

While I had previously chosen OmniOutliner as my note taking app, what I realised in practice was that I was using it for a Daily Log - but not notes, in a zettelkasten sense. I think the plain text approach favoured by The Archive might be better for this.

I was a user of nvAlt a long time ago, so the app has a familiar feel.

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