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Studio Neat

Studio Neat sell a range of technology-tangential products. These often commence through Kickstarter campaigns.

I wouldn’t consider myself a superfan, but we do have a number of their products in our house.

Of their products offered, we own:

  • Mark One pen: I loved the idea of this, and it writes beautifully and feels great. The nock was meant to be the signature feature, but in my opinion, the mechanisms feels a little ‘scratchy’, and is a mild disappointment.
  • PanoBook: This is a beautiful wide (or tall) notebook. The paper is nice to write on. I am now getting over my fear of ruining it with ‘unimportant’ notes, and now I just use it like a normal notebook.
  • iPhone/Watch dock: I bought this for my wife, and she loves it. Each evening, I get a little jealous.
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