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Vegemite is a quintessential Australian spread. Not to be confused with the not-as-good English variant, Marmite.

The Vegemite brand has changed ownership in recent times, and I’m concerned the new owners have changed the formulation. The last two jars we’ve bought have been softer, more spreadable. Part of the beauty of Vegemite is the taste, but texture is important too. This change to a more spreadable consistency has negatively impacted my enjoyment of this breakfast condiment.

Due to my disappointment with the new texture I bought one of the ‘knock-off’ brands, OzeMite to see if I could make the switch. It’s almost the same as the old Vegemite. Not quite as tasty, but at least the texture is right.

See Also

Seems I’m not the only one complaining about the new texture:

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